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Simply follow QC’s step by step process. Our online tools and algorithms help you draft the QDRO forms needed in your divorce including judgment language, QDROs and valuations.


QC will guide you in gathering all the information needed to prepare your QDRO form.


Complete the information requested so that the correct calculations, judgment language and QDRO can be drafted.


Receive your QDRO by email with explanations to answer questions.


Receive help filing the QDRO forms with the court and sending it on the plan.

Is going through a divorce often a very difficult time in the life of the parties? Yes. Are there lots of issues to resolve and marital assets to list? Yes.

QDROCounsel want to ease that stress. If you and/or your spouse have a retirement account, then you will need some type of “QDRO” to divide those benefits. The legal and financial issues that arise in dividing your benefits can be critical. Often retirement benefits are the largest assets in a divorce. QDROCounsel offers the tools and process so you can handle retirement benefit division with complete confidence.

QC can handle all plan types, from CalPERS to private employer 401(k)’s. QC has a current and comprehensive database of over 155,000 plans so you are covered!
  • Defined Benefit Plans
  •  Defined Contribution Plans
  •  Federal Government Plans
  •  Military Retirement Plans
  •  Public School Retirement Plans
  •  State & Local Government Plans